Sae 30r14t2 fuel hose pressure rating

By VillemanMarch 29, in Fuel Injection. I will use it around the tank mainly but want to also use it for the injectors its 15mm OD so that may not be possible. Do not use the 30R6. This is a low pressure fuel hose and it is not designed to be used with Fuel Injection systems. Working pressure is the pressure that the hose has to withstand in constant use over it's lifetime. Even used as a non pressure tank feed, 30R6 is an old standard and causing issues.

New fuels require at least the 30R9.

Hydraulic Hose Pressure Ratings: Working Pressure vs Burst Pressure

Since you live in Germany the European specs may be different part number. I find it hard to believe you can't find appropriate specification hose in Germany. European standards are usually higher than North America. Here's ane article from Pelican Parts forum. It usually has a pretty good reputation, as they have a lot of Porsche and BMW club racers who contribute.

This hose is for maximum working pressures of 0. For 30R6 hose in excess of The hose may be furnished in long lengths, specific cut lengths, or as a part preformed to a specific configuration.

The construction of this hose embodies a smooth bore tube of fuel- and oil-resistant synthetic rubber compound, suitably reinforced with textile fiber yarn, cord, or fabric, and a cover of suitable oil- ozone- and heat-resistant synthetic rubber compound.

After finding little bits of black debris in the float bowls I changed all the hoses to USCG rated marine hose. Costs 8 times as much but you only need a few feet. It has an ethanol resistant liner. Also fire resistant. Didn't check pressure rating since it's not an issue with carbs. It's thicker and stiffer than ordinary non-F.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!Contact Today. The working pressure is the highest amount of pressure that the hose assembly will operate under, including spikes. It must be accounted for and never guessed or assumed. For more information and a full guide to hose selection, take a look at our S. Hose Selection Guide. An important detail that is helpful when discussing which hose you need for your application is whether your pressure is dynamic or static.

Static pressure is basically the opposite of dynamic pressure, in the fact that the pressure is constant, without pulses or temperature changes. As an example, if a hydraulic system has a 4, psi pressure rating, including spikes, we would insist on using a hydraulic hose rated to 4, psi. This has to include the fittings because the weakest point in the hydraulic system sets the pressure rating for the whole thing. If your 4, psi hose is attached to a 3, psi fitting, your assembly is not 4, psi rated.

This ensures that the assembly will handle that constant working pressure and is up to the specific requirements of your system. An unsuitable hose assembly poses a great danger to those working around it. All Parker hydraulic hoses offer a safety factor, which means if the hose is rated at 5, psi working pressure, the burst pressure will be 20, psi.

Do your due diligence and make sure your adapters are correct. It is imperative that you adhere to the strict guidelines of the hydraulic hose rating. Failure to do so could lead to a catastrophic failure, resulting in unnecessary downtime, property damage, injury and environmental consequences, including large fines.

It is our job to educate our customers on the importance of using the right hose for the right job, every time. Guessing at the working pressure is dangerous, and could cause serious injuries, including fatalities.

sae 30r14t2 fuel hose pressure rating

All rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Web Design by Drum Creative. Skip to content. Dynamic Pressure vs Static Pressure. Working Pressure vs Burst Pressure. Make Informed Hose Decisions. Contact Us Today! Join Today!Most proprietary hoses conform to one standard or another, the SAE standards being the most widely followed.

SAE standards provides general, dimensional and performance specifications for the most common hoses used in hydraulic systems on mobile and stationary equipment. SAE is based on construction technique and material of hydraulic hose.

The various application parameters required when selecting hose are size, temperature, fluid type and pressure, to name a few. Depending on these criteria, the choice of hose construction will change to suit the conditions.

The majority of hydraulic machines are not exotic, and typically your standard R1 or R2 "1-wire" and "2-wire" respectively hoses are appropriate.

When extreme pressures and exotic fluids come into play, however, the options for suitable hose are reduced. Each of the hydraulic hose styles below must meet a set of dimensional and performance characteristics as set forth by SAE, and they are designated as R1 through R However, SAE issues no approval source lists, certification, or letters of approval-conformance to these standards by manufacturers is strictly voluntary.

In short, the standards only assure a similarity of products among different manufacturers. When comparing hose manufacturers, you need to consider products that exceed the SAE minimum performance but also meet or exceed additional certifications such as ISO to maximize performance, hose life, and production costs. The tighter bend radius means fewer bent tube fittings and longer life in applications where machinery movement causes hoses to bend sharply.

It also means reduced inventory requirements. The compact design reduces the weight of the hose as well as footprint.

sae 30r14t2 fuel hose pressure rating

Click here to learn more. Other related topics on hydraulic hose, hose application, and selection criteria:. Have a question about Parker products or services? Blog Home Contact Parker. Operating range psi Proof pressure range psi Min.

Categories Fluid and Gas Handling Hose. Subscribe to This Team. Manage Email Subscriptions. Parker Support Support. Tweets by Parker. Connect With Us. Operating range psi.Please Register or. Interlocked Metal Hose. Sandblast Hose Assemblies. Shotcrete, Gunite, and Concrete Hose. Urethane Transfer Hose for Abrasives. Paint Spray Hose Assemblies. Twin Welding Hose Assemblies. Rubber Ducting Air Ventilation Hose.

Utility Blower Hose Flexible Ducting.

sae 30r14t2 fuel hose pressure rating

Braided Metal Hose - Welded. Food Grade Hose Assemblies. Rubber Food and Beverage Sanitary Hose. Rubber Discharge Water Hose. Hydraulic Hard Tubing And Pipe. Miscellaneous Assemblies. Air Breathing Hose Assemblies. Self Coiling Air Hose, Recoil. Pressure Washer and Waterblast Common Pressure Washer Hose Assemblies. Standard Pressure Washer Hose. Aeroquip Braided Hydraulic Hose. Aeroquip Generic Branded Hydraulic Hose. Aeroquip Spiral Hydraulic Hose. Balflex Braided Hydraulic Hose. Balflex Spiral Hydraulic Hose.As we all know, the SAE standard is an important standard in hydraulic hose design, construction and pressure rating to ensure that hydraulic hoses meet minimum construction requirements.

You can refer to them according to the drawings, section structures and specs. Then choose the best one suitable for you. SAE R1 single steel wire braided hose is a typical high pressure hydraulic hose and it is suitable for hydraulic lines or general industrial system.

Hydraulic Hose Type, Size, and Pressure Identification a Guide to ENGMATTEC Two Wire Hydraulic Hose

High tensile strength steel wire reinforcement makes SAE R1 hose support higher pressure than common steel wire. It consists of an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, steel-wire reinforcement according to hose type, as detailed below, and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover. SAE R3 double fiber braid hydraulic rubber hose is ideal for medium pressure fuel and oil lines as well as return and suction hoses of hydraulic systems.

It is constructed with an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, a reinforcement consisting of a ply, or plies, of woven or braided textile fibers with a suitable spiral of body wire, and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover. SAE R5 single wire braid and textile covered hydraulic rubber hoses are widely used in medium pressure applications.

They are suitable for conveying petroleum-based hydraulic oil, air and water with specified pressure to air brakes, power steering, turbo oil lines and tilt cab cylinders. Oil resistant tube, single wire braid reinforcement and fiber braided cover contributes high performance. Fabric braids should be resistant to oils and mildew. SAE R6 textile braided hydraulic hose is applied to the low pressure conditions, especially where tight routing is urgently required. It consists of an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, one-braid suitable textile yarn and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.

SAE R7 non-conductive thermoplastic hydraulic hose is available for applications where there are potential to contact with high voltage sources. Nylon tube is compatible with petroleum, water and synthetic based hydraulic fluids for mobile equipment, lube lines, blowout preventers and hydraulic lifts where nonconductive character is necessary.

It consists of a thermoplastic inner tube resistant to hydraulic fluids with suitable synthetic-fiber reinforcement and a hydraulic fluid and weather resistant thermoplastic cover. SAE R8 high pressure thermoplastic hydraulic hose is used in non-conductive applications where there are potential of contact with high voltage sources, such as blowout preventers, lube lines and construction machinery. SAE R9 high pressure four spiral steel wire hydraulic rubber hose consist of an inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber, four-spiral steel wire reinforcement and oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.

Newer fuel hose standard: sae30r14

Spiral hydraulic hose shares outstanding kick resistance, impulse resistance and can support surge pressure. SAE R12 heavy duty hydraulic hose is reinforced by four layers of spiral steel wire in alternating directions which can balance pressure and containment forces. Spiral wire reinforcement is ideal for high-impulse and high abrasion resistance applications. It consists of an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, four spiral plies of heavy wire wrapped in alternating directions, and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.

SAE R13 heavy duty high multiple spiral steel wire hydraulic hoses are reinforced with four layers of spiral wires in alternation directions to provide extremely high working pressure. It is constructed with an inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber, followed by multiple spiral plies of heavy wire wrapped in alternating directions, and concluding with an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.

It can also be used with water based hydraulic fluids within the environments, where the temperature should be agreed upon by the manufactures of both the hose and the fluid. It has two types for different application. Type B has the same construction as Type A, but type B has the additional feature of an electrically-conductive inner surface to prevent buildup of an electrostatic charge.To remove this ad click here.

FerrariChat - The world's largest Ferrari community. Havent seen any threads on this. Been out for several years now. Folks are always commenting that fuel hoses seem to disintegrate with the newer fuels. Gates now has "barricade" hose sae30r Step up from the r9. Rated to 50 psi Anyone else using this stuff?

Looking for mm in the same for the cross over pipes, no luck yet We've been using the R spec hoses for several years Have you found a source for mm sizes for our cars? I can find it in R7, but R9 or R14 seems scarce Lots of junk out there in those sizes, as witnessed by the number of car BBQs. Replace it once and forget it. F1 Veteran. May 18, 10, Therefore, a high-pressure rated "rubber" any elastomer hose is not needed For the low pressure side return, vent, emissions, etc.

Kevin Rev'n F1 World Champ. Nov 29, 13, Honolulu Full Name: Kevin. These guys have a nice selection and they ship super quick. If you read the spec revision 14the ONLY change from previous revision is the adoption of a "permeation barrier" which is achieved by an exterior covering over the hose.

Therefore, this is a standard without a standardwhich makes it next to useless as a technical specification. As for high-pressure fuel hose, the useful and applicable standard is still the revision which introduced the requirements for "MPI fuel injection hose" which was revision 9 saej30r9.

All subsequent revisions to saej30 address other issues and other applications i.A few follow up questions1. Reply1 year 2 months agochrlShare On TwitterShare On Googlehi,GREAT post. Let sit in re-usable pitcher in the fridge. What about the toxic plastics that our appliances are now being made of.

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sae 30r14t2 fuel hose pressure rating

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