1010 twin flame reunion

I feel guided, protected, loved — not only by God, but by my twin flame. Finally, it feels like we are in this together, no matter what. We have been dancing the twin flame dance for nearly 13 years, majority of which we have had no or minimal communication with each other. I have not seen him for the past 9 years, which we have spent married to other partners, yet it turns out our spiritual and emotional development during this time has mirrored each other perfectly.

Right now, the bells of reunion are ringing for us. Once again, we are experiencing this all in perfect sync with each other, with thoughts, emotions and feelings sourced from a common heart space. We let go of each other a long time ago, through miscommunication and misunderstanding, through denial and fear and through choices we considered morally right.

However what we had not done until now was to release the love that was within us all along. That love was meant to flow freely through us, without attempts to control or to restrain it. We were both meant to remember that such love does not belong to us, it does not come from us: it is divine love which is to be returned to God, glorified.

The call that we both hear now is to surrender to the love and light that is within us. It is a call to allow the love between us to flow freely, to return to God, to fully align us with His perfect plan for us. Did it really have to take that long, you ask? The truth is that surrender cannot be rushed, since it does not happen by a conscious choice but rather only once we have exhausted all other means of finding purpose, serenity and meaning — and failed miserably at it.

Part of surrender is therefore accepting that the separation; the silences, other relationships and denying our feelings for each other, were all necessary. It is an illusion that we could have done anything differently to come into union sooner; after all, everything we went through has now led us to this.

It led us to God, to an undeniable oneness with each other, feeling fully supported, coming closer and closer to full alignment with what God has planned for us. The power of surrender. Surrender empowers us to get closer to our TRUE nature, which is that of our soul infused with eternal life. It is the final step before fully understanding and knowing ourselves. For this, we undergo a process of purification; from all those things that our egos held onto and from all that which no longer serves us.

It is only by surrendering ourselves to the reality in front of us, i. God loves us and wants amazing things for us, but we need to know when we are standing in His way. More than anything therefore, surrender implies the end of resistance. Rather we surrender when we no longer blame, control, deny, compromise, expect, push or pull, ignore, avoid, force, wait or manipulate.

Surrender asks us to die to ourselves; to release who we think we are and to become nothing once more so that God can become everything in us. God needs space in us to work through us and he can only do this once we finally just allow whatever is to be. The real enemy withholding us from surrendering is within and so in order to find peace with others we must first find peace within ourselves. This involves a lot more than just letting go of our twin flame and moving on: it involves total honesty with our Self.Note: This post will be continually updated the very bottom being the most recent update as I dig deeper within myself for inner-wisdom from my Expanded Self which includes me and my soul sisters and brothers.

During his sermon, he mentioned his guest Susan Boyle, who I never heard of before, and what she did. So my husband and I decided to pause the televised sermon, and then Google her performance.

In the midst of her beautiful performance, I started crying. I wondered, had I not heard of her background, if I, too, would have judged her based on her appearance and age. She exuded such positive energy; yet, the fact that many judged her for her outer, physical self, broke my heart.

I look forward to achieving that state.

Soulmate Twin flames Receiving messages through Angel Numbers

When I found out a little too late that his book signing was minutes from my home, I was disappointed in myself for not watching his recording sooner. My intuition had informed me that something very special was happening that day, but I failed to understand the message. I thought it was something else.

I love positive synchronicities! I would much rather receive an autograph from a spiritual teacher whom I resonate with i. Anyway, Joel inspired me to publish this post. I understand and have compassion for my ego self and shadow self, because they only want to help protect and serve who they think that I am my physical self image that I portray to the outer world.

My ego self was afraid that making such outlandish and unconventional statements at end of post would be my ultimate failure in life.

I would surely lose the very little respect and support I had from my remaining tiny circle of family, friends, former co-workers, acquaintances, and whoever else happens to read my post. Oh well…so be it. I am who I am, so others can take it or leave it. I was born alone, and I will die alone. The only thing that has kept me going throughout these decades was the existence of God all around me.

4 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 10:10 – The Meaning of 1010

I choose to trust you with my life…with my soul purpose. I had an urge to look at the clock, and it wasand I instantly sensed the importance of the number sequence. You will attract the digits until you understand the nature or reality.

You may dream about the number 11, linked with things you do not as yet understand, or wake up at every night on your digital clock. It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, our genetic encoded memories, that we are spirits having a physical experience, not physical beings embarking on a spiritual experience.

It is a designation or destination. Some believe that we will reach the end of linear time and movement into a Golden Age, the Alchemy of Consciousness, on that date. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mysterious. It is the source of all true Art and Science. Albert Einstein. There are five geometric shapes that have faces, edges and angles that are congruent. The pyramid is one of these shapes. The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism, a set of religious beliefs and practices that originated from the Hebrew Bible.

It is interesting to note that, when drawn overtop of one another, each of the 24 letters in the ancient language of Hebrew together form the Star of David.When your Twin Flame enters your life, it can often be unexpected, and may not always be immediately recognized for what it is. Once you have entered a relationship with your Twin Flame romantic or otherwise it is inevitably tumultuous and will open up subconscious wounds and bring unexpected fears and false beliefs to the surface.

The relationship also normally passes through a series of different stages, which can be challenging to navigate especially when what we know deep inside and what we see happening in our lives seem to be two conflicting story lines. For those first encountering their Twin Flame, signs that you are entering a new stage of your life can help you identify your Twin Flame.

For those in a relationship with their Twin Flame, signs can reassure us that the challenges we face are a necessary part of our personal growth on our Twin Flame journey. These signs exist. Our Angels and Spirit Guides that support us throughout our physical incarnation are always watching over us and sending us messages to help keep us on the right path. It is up to us to be sufficiently self-aware and present to see these signs.

One of the most common ways that the spiritual realm communicates with us is through Angel Numbers. These are short sequences of numbers that you see repeatedly, or stand out as significant.

Our Angels and Guides will nudge us to see these signs, in order to communicate with us and provide us with information from the spiritual realm that will help us, based on the geometric plan of the universe. Angels and Guides use these numbers to communicate with us about many things in our lives, but if we are experiencing a Twin Flame relationship, some numbers are especially significant. Twin Flame relationships have four broad stages, and you should be looking for different signs depending on the stage of the relationship that you are in.

1010 twin flame reunion

Preparation — This is the time before you encounter your Twin Flame when your soul is developing itself so that it is ready for the intense spiritual journey that will begin when you come together with your Twin Flame in the physical plane. Meeting — This is the time when you meet your Twin Flame, recognize them as the mirror of your soul, and generally form a relationship quickly and experience a time of intense bliss. Growing — Twin Flame relationships are almost always extremely challenging and tumultuous and can appear and disappear from our lives frequently and unexpectedly.

The mirror that our Twin Flame holds up often shows us difficult things, opening wounds, and exposing fears and false beliefs that we must work through both in partnership with our Twin Flame, and alone when they unexpectedly disappear from our daily lives on the physical plane.

Reunion — Our Twin Flame relationship takes us through an intense period of self-growth that triggers the challenges of the growing stage of the relationship. Once both of the Twin Flame souls have grown sufficiently, we are able to come together again in the same state of bliss as when we first found each other. Except now we have attained that bliss inside ourselves and have learned to maintain this state no matter the outer circumstances.

If your Twin Flame is appearing in your life, the numbers 11or are extremely significant. The number 11 is the first of the Master Numbers and suggests that something is very strong and almost completely manifest. This is a very strong sign that your Twin Flame will enter your life shortly or that you will meet up physically even if you have been separated for some time.

The angel number is usually a spiritual wake up call, encouraging you to pay closer attention to both the physical and spiritual planes. If you see this number your Spirit Guides may be suggesting that you open yourself up and be more present so that you are sufficiently aware to recognize your Twin Flame when they come into your life. This means you play a special role in lifting up the spirit of the Earth. You should also look out for sequences containing the number 5which indicates that positive change is on the way, and the number 8which indicates that an opportunity that you need is ahead of you.

When you are in the growing stage of the Twin Flame relationship, sequences of the number 2 are highly significant. The Master Number 22 is a powerful sign that you are on the right path in life, while the number represents making your spiritual desires and pursuits a reality in the material world.

It is a sign that you have planted your seeds well, and now you must tend to the vulnerable saplings to help them grow. You should also be alert to sequences containing the numbers 6 and 7. The number 6 encourages you not to dwell on the negative and believe that the journey you are on will bring you to a place that you need to be, while the number 7 suggests that you are on the path to fulfilling your higher purpose.

Combinations of 7 and 1 can be very potent in this stage of the Twin Flame relationship. You should also be aware of appearances of the number 9which communicates that we have everything we need in the material world, and to focus on the growth of the soul.

Those reaching the Reunion stage of the Twin Flame relationship often do not need the same numerical signs, as their shared journey with their Twin Flame has brought them to another level of spiritual awakening that allows them a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and with each other. What was once only a possibility they were working towards in energy, has now grounded and manifested itself in the physical.

However, for those on the cusp of union sequences including the number 3 is significant.Brother Nomad and Gypsy. Dona and Jay. Wife and Husband. Catherine and Neil. Blue and Shem. Barbara Ann and Vinnie. Sunshine Girl and My Everything. CB and NL.

OB and MM. M and D. Debra and Daniel. D and S. Anonymous Post. L and T. Charity and John. Mick and Peter. Bella and Beau. James and Bryant. Annette and Randy.

Kate and George. Jennifer and Kevin. Science and Seeker. Kelley and Jared. Amanda and Rob. Audrey and My Other Half. Mwin and TwinnyMa. Wendy and Peter. Vi and Farmboy. Kristi and Chris. Alisa and Marco. Laura and Melissa. Ela and Ty. Zennor and Anonymous. Linmir and Ric. MG and JBF. Nancy and Dave. Christina and Traian. Lynn and Mark. Awakening Heart and B. Pamela and Nicu.By Shelly Sullivan. I have been prompted to write about Sequence numbers, number signs activations and Twin Flames.

My journey with numbers and my Twin Flame awakening is unbelievably miraculous, a never ending story full of synchronicity and miracles. As well as being a magical journey it has been one of great pain and wounds being reopened often to heal distortions. This has been the most challenging time of my life.

The responses I received were of great help to me. And I need all the help I can get. We are the for runners for this Twin Flame phenomenon taking place currently on Earth. Technically Mary Magdalene and Jesus were the for runners and we are now fulfilling the mission of this energy on Earth. Many of us are here for our divine mission as Anchoring the new 5d Template of Love. This is our soul purpose. Imagine coming to realize your whole life, all your major experiences and most profound lessons have all been as a forshadowing of the Final Act for LOVE.

This is what I have come to know. Learning that true Love does not hold the lower vibrations of fear, lack, jealousy, insecurity, control etc… But it is a flow of unconditional love to metamorphosis of artistic creation. This love has to be found within yourself fully before the Union of the Two individual whole souls can come together gracefully for co-creation of the third energy. Upon leading up to this moment you will be guided with synchronicity, visions, sequence numbers, signs and numbers and all sorts of other experiences to help reunite you with your Twin Flame.

1010 twin flame reunion

For me the sequence numbers have been coming in steady for 3 years. Through positive affirmations, messages and signs. Most number information comes from my personal experiences. Confirmation from communication with the Angels and experiences in the Cosmic Higher Realms. These numbers are esoteric transmissions and frequency activations to heighten your vibration and assist the light codes, sacred heritage and DNA lineages as well as healing ancestral lineages.

To their true divine nature has to be undiscovered for your full expression, gifts, talents and abilities, and as this information is being revealed to show you who you are.

We are in constant communication and communion with you. One way that this is increasing with momentum is through the sacred number sequences.Seeing the name of our twin flame everywhere we go will be an entirely reasonable thing of our twin flame journey.

However, what it actually means, or why it occurs, depends on the stage in which our relationship with our twin flames is right now — and also of what we are, the chaser or the runner. For those of us that do not know the meaning of synchronicity, here is a brief definition: Synchronicity is actually the best way of the Universe of guiding people through coincidence engineering. Synchronicity can affect every person on the planet, even those that do not engage themselves in spiritual practices.

However, a person is more opened to synchronicity at times when he or she is connected with their soul and energy they hold within. So, when a person is in the middle of his or her relationship with the twin flame, their energy is vibrating at higher frequencies, making them have more ability to see synchronicities around them.

This relationship even attracts synchronicities as it actually is the fundamental part of the process of universal ascension. This means that our Universe has its stake in spotting a person ascending with his or her twin flame — and then it gets more involved too. Well, the reason we see the name of our twin flame everywhere we go is as of the Universe that presents it to us through synchronicity.

So, the reason the name of our twin flame is presented to us mostly depends on a specific situation. This commonly happens during the stage or chaser and runner, or separation of twin flames. This stage often happens shortly after we meet our twin flame.

Maybe we were together several times, or we also dated for some time, and after that, one of us denied this relationship and decided to run away. The runner can see the name of his or her twin flame regularly during the stage of separation, up until their reunion happens. This happens as they veered from the ideal path or they are guided back to the twin flame.

Also, the chaser sees the name of his or her twin flame, but this rarely happens. This is mostly because they do not need reminders about being heartbroken over a thing they are already broken up by. But, when the separation is about to be finished, the chaser comes to terms with his or her twin flame running from him or her and then becomes prepared to keep moving on.

During this point, they often see this type of synchronicity of twin flames, in order to remind the two of them of the destiny they have. Well, there are not many things we may do about seeing the name of our twin flame everywhere.

In fact, all this is the waiting game that will help us understand the actions of our twin flame, and taking our mind off of him or her will not help. What we may actually do will be working on our part of this relationship, and improve ourselves spiritually and physically, and pursue our ambitions and goals.

These affirmative acts are going to help us strengthen our connection with our twin flame, which may hurry together with the reunion process. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Conscious Reminder.The Twin Flame union is said to be orchestrated by the Creator. The re-union happens because you and your Twin have been sealed together from the very first moment of your Divine creation, as both of you share the same Divine soul at that level of being, in Oneness.

The Twin Flame re-union will take place the Divine timing is right and when both of you are ready for the experience. It is an intense and spiritual experience and there is nothing you can do to rush or speed up this process, as this reunion too is part of the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Leading up to the physical reunion of the Twinflames many interesting synchronisities tend to occur.

1010 twin flame reunion

The or other double and triple number sequences often pop up frequently around this time and are common in Twin Flame soul unions.

In Numerology, Eleven is a master number and is considered to be the number of the spiritual messenger or guide. When looking at the visual representation of thethe two sets of 'ones' appear to be united to form pillars. One can visualize the symbolic meaning of this to be two pillars leading to the heavenly gate; it can also represent the energetic connection between yin and yang polarity, female and male, united together, as ONE. Sometimes it happens that you may meet your twinflame and one of you is already involved in a current relationship or marriage.

It is obviously not wise to disrupt any present connections you each have in your lives as these soulmate relationships are necessary for spiritual growth, learning and healing. These current relationships must first be dismantled and balances in a natural way, and current soul contracts must be Lived out fully with honor, honesty and love. You and your Twinflame must both honor each other's soul lessons by growing together through the test of unconditional love, patience and honesty.

Even if it is not possible to work with your TwinFlame at this time on a physical level, you can still work with your Twin on an energetic level. As the earth moves into a fifth dimensional energy alignment all Twin Flames will be reunited in all dimensions. Meeting the physical manifestation of your twin flame is a high calling that requires you to grow spiritually and to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically.

You must look beyond the ego and the physical limitations that may exist between you and your Twin at the time of meeting. You will both be driven to work together in some form to become the best and highest manifestation of your soul here on the Earth. The Twinflame Mission. The Synchronicity Have you been noticing the or other triple or double digits ,in a strange and synchronistic way?

You happen to glance at the clock out of the blue and it's You might see these numbers jumping out at you several times a day even in the most unexpected places, whenever you happen to look, there it is again.

Twin Flame Reunion - 10 Signs Separation Is About To End (Video)

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